Legal Nurse Consultants

How We Help Attorneys

Florida Legal Medical Consulting - FloridaLNC.comFlorida Legal Nurse Consultants are located in Central Florida and provide supportive services to attorneys and insurance companies with medical record reviews and detailed reports. We serve as expert witnesses and medical malpractice consultants.

Our Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC) are qualified to assist with medical malpractice, negligence, elder care, personal injury, and product liability cases.

Our professional partnership which combines over 40 years of expertise in Nursing Administration, Critical Care, Emergency Trauma Care, Medical Surgical Nursing, Long Term Care, Case Management for Hospital and Insurance company, and Teaching at hospital and college level will provide the following services:

  •      Review medical records for merit.
  •      Review and analyze medical records from all disciplines.
  •      Review policy and procedure manual from healthcare facilities and medical records for compliance
  •      and deviations from standards of care and tampering.
  •      Develop client profile to identify pre-existing conditions and causative factors that can influence case.
  •      Research and apply current authoritative medical and nursing literature to a specific case.
  •      Analyze the validity and reliability of research data pertinent to case.
  •      Summarize data into brief, moderate, comprehensive and/or chronological reports to the
  •      specifications of attorney.
  •      Prepare reports which can be understood by jury personnel.
  •      Locate and qualify testifying experts from local and national sources.
  •      Attend depositions, trials, arbitration/mediation hearings at request of attorney.
  •      Coordinate and attend independent medical examinations (IME) to document and verify reports.
  •      Serve as liaison for attorney and other healthcare providers.

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